Fire Alarms

IS 3218

IS 3218 is the recognised standard for FIRE ALARM and  DETECTION SYSTEMS in Ireland.
DESIGN SECURITY staff are trained and certified to design, install and commission systems to this standard.


Life Safety is the principle purpose of  IS 3218 and this is our focus at all stages of the process of  DESIGN, INSTALLATION, COMMISSIONING and  MAINTAINING.


Safe Evacuation is the first step and our design team prepares building and campus drawings complete with ASSEMBLY POINTS, FIRE HYDRANTS and other relevant details clearly marked.


Design Security Control will alert key holders and fire authorities in the event of an activation.  We can also monitor your existing fire alarm. If you already have a fire alarm provider we can provide the connection of this system to our monitoring station to alert the fire authorities. We provide this service for many fire alarm companies and cooperate rather than compete in order to provide the customer with the best and safest solution.


Design Security has in house architectural and autocad facilities and can survey and prepare drawings of your buildings or campus complete with ESCAPE ROUTES, ASSEMBLY POINTS, FIRE HYDRANTS. We can provide this service even if we are not your system provider. This can form a very useful structure for your overall Health & Safety Plan.


Our installation crew pays great attention to detail when installing systems to ensure that all components and connections are properly glanded and sealed. We have great respect for the fabric of the buildings we are working in.

SYSTEM TYPES (all to IS 3218)

1)      ANALOGUE ADDRESSABLE systems which are fully programmable and provide exact details of the location and nature of a problem. We specialise in Morley, UTC and Advanced Electronics. These systems are suitable for larger installations.

2)      CONVENTIONAL fire alarm systems divided into zones  or fire compartments of a manageable size. We specialise in C-TEC and many other makes.

3)      WIRELESS fire alarm systems for buildings which have already been fully finished. In period or listed building this is the best option.

4)      Existing and older systems can be repaired and maintained. A maintenance agreement is essential however in order to keep your system in proper working order and to comply with standards.


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