Domestic Security


Domestic Security

Monitored Home Alarms

Design Security installs and maintains high quality monitored home alarms. A professional site survey and risk assessment is carried out in advance and quotation provided.


To provide the maximum security with the minimum of fuss our HYBRID system can be completely wire free or wired or a combination of both and is expandable to cover any size of residence. A completely new system can be installed or your existing alarm can be upgraded using your existing circuits and extended using wireless or wired devices.


Design Security Control is our 24hr Grade A Central station. The purpose of an alarm is to communicate a problem and generate a response. Our systems are capable of sending full details of what is happening at the house and our operators are highly trained to take appropriate action.

Support and Maintenance

Our customer and technical support is friendly and efficient and ensures that your system is maintained and reliable.
Existing and older systems can be repaired and maintained and we are familiar with most makes.
A maintenance agreement is essential however in order to keep your system in proper working order.

Wireless or Wired? That is often the question

Wireless systems have advanced greatly in recent years and equipment is now very reliable. Devices contain long life batteries and have a small transmitter in order to communicate with the control equipment. This makes the devices more expensive than their wired equivalent however the extra cost is then saved because less labour is required. Wireless systems are ideal when decoration has already finished.

Wired systems if installed properly are a very permanent and long lasting job. The first systems installed by Design Security in 1984 are still working and maintained by us. During a new build or renovation it is advisable to engage Design Security early in the process to specify the correct system and conceal cables. This produces a very reliable and long term solution.


Design Security installs and maintains high quality CCTV systems. CCTV provides an excellent additional layer of security and can also serve as a management system.

We have considerable experience in selecting and positioning cameras for best results. Low light level cameras are used however additional white light or infra-red is installed where appropriate for night vision. Our recording systems over the years have provided evidence leading to many convictions.

In recent years CCTV cameras have become smaller and less expensive. Recording systems have larger hard drives providing more memory and can be viewed on your iPhone, iPad or remote device. There is however a lot of low cost rubbish on the market so the basic principle of getting a professional survey of both your needs and the site details still applies. It is important for evidence to use high quality recording equipment and have camera views professionally set up.

Design Security staff have completed training and have BTEC certification in both conventional and IP CCTV systems.


Check who is calling before opening the gate or door. Install one of our high quality audio or video intercom systems

False Alarms

If your alarm is monitored ring the central station monitoring centre with your password and notify them of the false activation.

Design SecurityControl Monitoring Centre: 01 4584492

Tips to minimize false alarm activations

  • Ensure all windows and doors are closed before the alarm is set.
  • Ensure that household pets are kept out of areas protected by beams (PIRs).
  • Notify the office if you are having building work at your premises as vibrations can activate the alarm and we can programme your alarm to prevent this.
  • In the case of power failure (reset the trip switch if necessary), to silence the keypad buzzer, enter 0 and your alarm code (0code).
  • In the case of a phone line fault, notify your line provider, to silence the keypad buzzer enter0 and your alarm code (0code).
  • Ensure beams (PIRs) are kept free from cobwebs to prevent insect activity setting off a false alarm.

Technical Support 24hrs

Customers with a current maintenance contract can avail of technical support & service 24hrs. Should

You require support you can contact us on: 01-2812022

Key holding

For monitored alarms:

  • Ensure your key holding details are up to date.
  • If you are going on holiday, notify Design Security office with holiday key holder details.
  • Ensure your key holders have keys and the password.

Design Security Main Office 01 2812022

Design SecurityControl Monitoring Centre: 01 4584492

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